Services We Offer

Pestx LTD provides a wide variety of solutions for all pest control issues.
Our service includes:
  • Regular inspections & treatments by fully trained technicians.
  • Contracts tailored to suit your company/business requirements.
  • Full written informative report keeping you up to date with any findings.
  • We only use pesticides that are approved for the purpose intended.
  • Treatments available under Contract or a one off call out situation.
  • Disinfections, removal of animal & bird droppings.
  • Supply, fitting & maintenance of fly screens, electronic fly killers, rodent brush strips and strip curtains.
Bird Deterrent Services
There are many places that birds find to nest and make a huge mess, causing many environmental and health problems, for both business and domestic property owners.

Here you can see bird prevention wiring click to enlarge.

All they need is the smallest of ledges to rest upon, where they think they are safe. There are many specialist items available to prevent most pigeon and other bird problems developing. We also specialise in the removal and disinfecting of bird related waste.

Fly Control Services
Flies are one of the main contributors to the spread of disease. They can contaminate food and living conditions resulting in the spread of many bacteria.

We install a variety of fly control products, aimed at reducing fly numbers by use of fly killers and fly screens. INSECT-O-CUTOR

The new green light electric fly killers.
  • Unique green Synergetic lamps for 30% greater attraction
  • Highly efficient electric killing grid
  • Very low power consumption
  • Tool-free maintenance for ease of cleaning and lamp changes
  • 3 years guarantee (except lamps)
Insect Control Services
We provide services to deal with almost any insect infestation. From cockroaches to ants we can effectively treat any affected area with the use of Insecticides, pesticides and bait stations.
The insect bait station allows the insects to be caught and disposed of appropriately by luring the insects inside and trapping them. Chemicals and Insecticides

Chemicals are only used where pest populations are of high. Chemicals provide a fast solution to reduce numbers of pests efficiently.

Industrial Jet Washing

House Clearances

Hypodermic Needle Sweeps

We can also stop pigeons nesting under solar panels including cleaning away any fouling.


“Contacted Pestx LTD due to having a serious infestation of ants in my living room. The response was very swift and the ants were eliminated after just one treatment..."
Mrs Howitt

“Pestx LTD have provided our company with effective pest control management for 3 years now. They provide a fast call out service and regular inspections of our insect pest issues...”
John Ovenden

“Our local shopping centre was over run with pigeons. Since Pestx installed bird deterrent solutions to the surrounding area the pigeons have significantly reduced in numbers... ”
Joan Westbrooke