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About Us

Pestx LTD provides local services for pest control elimination, prevention and detection. We understand the importance of providing a local service, which is why we have qualified staff to deliver solutions to your problems promptly and effectively.

Certificates and Working Practices
Pestx LTD is certified by the Environment Agency for the Control of Pollution Act Amendment of 1989.
"An Act to provide for the registration of carriers of controlled waste and to make further provision with respect to the powers exercisable in relation to vehicles shown to have been used for illegal waste disposal."[6th July 1989]
Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989

Pestx LTD is also certified for working on SL and SLB working platforms.

Servicing Areas
Pestx LTD is based in the Lincolnshire area servicing most of Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. Other areas are serviceable on a request. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any servicing issues.


�Contacted Pestx LTD due to having a serious infestation of ants in my living room. The response was very swift and the ants were eliminated after just one treatment..."
Mrs Howitt

�Pestx LTD have provided our company with effective pest control management for 3 years now. They provide a fast call out service and regular inspections of our insect pest issues...�
John Ovenden

�Our local shopping centre was over run with pigeons. Since Pestx installed bird deterrent solutions to the surrounding area the pigeons have significantly reduced in numbers... �
Joan Westbrooke